Get involved with Evolve

Volunteers are an integral part of the festival experience. If you’re an enthusiastic person and love to help, you should think about joining our team!

We’re looking for people to help with set-up, to work over the weekend, and to assist with clean-up/tear down post-festival. Just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not on the volunteer team unless you have received a confirmation email and schedule. If you are not scheduled as a volunteer with the volunteer coordinator you will not be allowed on site prior to the festival.

Pre-festival Set-Up Shifts (No deposit req’d with full attendance):

  • Set-up volunteers are required to be available for work the days of (DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED) before the festival and will need to work around 24 hours. (1 x 6hr work day + 2 x 9hr work days)
  • If you are a set-up volunteer, please be prepared to be on site for the additional time. You will be camping.
  • Please confirm that you are scheduled before you arrive on site!

Festival Shifts:

  • Weekend volunteers are required to pay a $180 deposit at the entrance gate. Please note: Any missed shifts without a legitimate reason will result in loss of
    full deposit.
  • You will most likely be scheduled for three 6 hour shifts over the weekend.
  • If you are scheduled during the weekend you must arrive on site in time to register before your first shift, late arrivals means you may not work enough hours to get deposit returned.
  • We highly recommend things like water bottles, sunscreen, flashlight, rain boots, rain coat, bug spray, warm clothes because it gets freezing at night, and always pack an extra pair of socks! Also, a watch or time telling device is a great idea (can be hard to keep a charge on your phone onsite and dead battery doesn’t justify missing/late arrival to shifts).
  • Volunteer Application

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