Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

What a great weekend!  We’re still recovering from that epic festival but we wanted to tell you that we’re so so glad that you all showed up to play with us.

A huge round of applause to all the bands and the deejays and the artists who shared their talent and entertained us and kept the party going all day and all night!  Thank you for bringing your talent and your energy to our neck of the woods.

An even bigger round of applause to all the staff, and stage crews, and the security and safety team, and the vendors and the volunteers!  You put your heart and soul into making this the greatest event of the summer.  You did great work and we love you all for it.

And lastly – to the whole Evolve community, who keep the vibe alive all year long in their communities and on social media, and then get in their cars and drive out to camp and dance and play with us for one glorious weekend every summer – thank you thank you thank you!  We truly appreciate your enthusiasm and your positivity and your love.  We work hard all year doing this for you.  And you never fail to make it all worthwhile.

Another summer and another great festival on the books.  Thank you all for making it perfect.

Have a great year.  Keep in touch.  And we’ll see you next summer to do it all over again.


We love you.  We really do.
Evolve HQ.

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