With the help of a community receptive to sustainibility in
action, coupled with a festival that’s sincere in its
efforts for a green future, Evolve has been dubbed
“Canada’s greenest festival”! Since its
inception, Evolve has shown that it is possible host a fun
outdoor music festival, while at the same time championing
causes, highlighting environmental issues, and inspiring
changing behavior.

The Clean Concert Pledge

The goal of the Pledge is to get outdoor festival attendees
to leave no trash on the grounds when they leave the
festival fields. The Pledge is taken on an individual basis,
with the premise that each concert-goer is responsible for
their own trash/recycling; putting it in the proper place
when the show is over. It’s not just about littering,
it’s about assuming individual responsibility for the
environment and encouraging others to do the same.

Festival Waste Management

A three-day festival generates a lot of garbage. We all know
that the best place for any recyclable material is the
recycling plant or being re-used or repurposed, and not in a
landfill site or incinerator. Evolve will again be asking
your help in undertaking the ambitious effort to produce a
festival that generates zero waste. That’s right
– we said ZERO WASTE. We need your help!

At the festival, keep your eyes peeled for 35 colour-coded
recycling stations conveniently located throughout the
Evolve grounds. Our recycling stations make it really easy
to properly dispose of paper, plastic, garbage, compost and
recyclable cans and bottles. Additionally, our beloved food
vendors will be adopting the zero waste initiative in the
Awareness Village food court, as well as backstage.

Eco-Friendly Choices

  • All Evolve posters and marketing materials are printed on
    select recycled stock using environmentally-friendly
    waterless printing presses that eliminate vast amounts of
    water waste. Additionally, our print shop uses
    sustainable, renewable Bullfrog Power to run their
  • All Evolve clothing merchandise is printed on either
    organically grown cotton or recycled materials using fair
    trade and labour practices.
  • Evolve food vendors in the village use compostable and
    biodegradable food packaging and eco-cutlery.
  • Evolve encourages car pooling to reduce CO2 emissions per
    passenger mile. Check out our Nova Scotia, New Brunswick,
    P.E.I. Rideboards on