Friday July 19th

  Mothership The Temple Lazer Yurt Palace Yurt
16:20 Scout Dmayne Event
17:00 Pande Bee
17:30 Deks GYRMS
18:00 Chillteens
18:30 Kardynal Syn Vee Womb to Tomb
19:30 Walrus Pineo & Loeb (with SpacePaws and Kaleidakat) DJ Kink
20:00 Monteith
20:30 Mat The Alien (with Jugglin’ Bubblers and Iness Vixens) Atticus Van Dolweerd
21:00 Rich Aucoin (with SpiraLynn, Kara, and Incendia Motus)
21:30 Sweet Dee & Burgerz Shrimp Ring
22:00 Pigeon Hole (with SpiraLynn and Kara)
22:30 Thumpasaurus (with SpiraLynn, Petite Luna, and Mackenzie Munroe) żartowniś
23:00 CRaymak (with Lady Sevens, Kara, and Lumen Lux) Les MoonTunes
23:30 Wiggy
00:00 Noizu (with Indigo Erin and Petite Luna) KittyBass (with Lady Sevens, Kara, and Lumen Lux)
00:30 Durillium Nebullama
01:00 Chris Lorenzo (with SpacePaws and Kaleidakat) Bleum
01:30 TruNord
02:00 AnteeQ (with SpiraLynn) Gratefully Deadicated SoundSystem
02:30 Kendoll (with Indigo Erin TaKo
03:00 Foggyswoggle & Misty Morning
03:30 Case of the Mondays Jo Riddles
04:00 Kaminanda (with KaySee and Angie Oriana Jenkins)
04:30 AppleCat (with KaySee and Bubble Vixen) Sewer Monster

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