Mat The Alien

Since the age of 14 Mat has been mixing, scratching & making music.

Over the years he has been featured some of the worlds most ground breaking music blogs,charts,DJ Sets – Mixes & radios shows .

It all started in 1978 when Mat’s dad opened Vibes Records, a record store in Bury just outside of Manchester. Vibes became the #1 independent record store in the U.K. & eventually Mat’s dad opened a second store, Muze.

Growing up around music from an early age lead to Mat taking up the drums at age 10 and playing in a local band with his brother. In 1988, at age 14, Mat stumbled upon the underground Acid House scene and DJ movement taking over the abandoned UK warehouses. From that point on he searched out where this music was from and began learning how it was put together on the 2 Technics turntables.

Muze records became the store where local djs/producers came to get the new underground sounds and tickets to local events. Mat began playing his first shows before he was old enough to get into the venues. He played sets on some of the Manchester area pirate radio shows, began doing club shows, & mixed charts on the Intallex radio show run by XTC and Marcus Intallex. Scratching was the next thing he became hooked on after seeing Mark XTC and hearing a tape from Dj Hype on Fantasy FM.

Many hours were spent cutting back and forth trying to figure out how Hype got those crazy transformer sounds out of a simple tone on a vinyl record. These were the days before internet tutorials and dvds so there was lots of trial & error.

After his father passed away Mat took over Muze and managed the shop after he left high school (rather than taking a Golf Scholarship in Alabama). Under Mat, Muze started to specialize more in the dance/DJ music scene, which was booming at that time. He became more entrenched in, and devoted to, the music

In 1995 Mat and his family decided to move to Whistler Canada to pursue a new love of snowboarding. In Whistler, BC he met like-minded DJs like Vinyl Ritchie & Kilo Cee who were playing diverse sets dropping Hip Hop into Funk into electronic music to crowds from all over the world. (These 2 DJ’s also gave Mat the name the Alien). Mat enjoyed doing sets where he could flip from genre to genre, making live mash ups & jamming on 4 turntables with other DJ’s.

Described by Knowledge Magazine as ‘awe-inspiring’ & ‘some next level shit,’ Mat has toured across the globe from Miami to Moscow and played sports events such as the US Supercross (La Vegas), the Olympic Winter Games (Torino & Whistler), X Games (Aspen) & some of the best festivals in the US & Canada with crowds ranging from 100 – 15,000 people.

Mat has also been pioneering regular club nights in Whistler & Vancouver & held down a bi-weekly club night in Las Vegas at Eye Candy (Mandalay Bay) for 8 months with the Fort Knox Five.

Currently, Mat tours most weekends playing Sub Heavy Bass Music covering many genres and Styles. He also hosts a monthly Old School Hip Hop Night with Vinyl Ritchie in Whistler, plays regular tours for Monster Energy (7″ of Pleasure w Dj Scratch of EPMD, DJ Illo,Vinyl Ritchie & Dj Pump playing all 45 Vinyl) and does lots of back to back sets with the Librarian of Bass Coast music Festival & the Gaff.

Over the past 20+ years his sets have become renowned for mixing many genres/tempos seamlessly and he is able to adapt to different types of crowds, which he proved when he won the first ever Red Bull 3 Style event in Vancouver 2006.

Original Music, Mixes & Remixes (Official & Unofficial) are in constant supply & have been featured on many TV shows, DVDs, Video Games & Webisodes.

In 2015/16 Mat created official Remixes for Sizzla (Muti Music),Fort Knox Five, Stylust Beats, 6 Blocc, Dj Brace & Adham Shaikh. He also released original music on Lifted Contingency, Low Rise Sounds & Alienated, his second album. 2017 will see an Alienated album of remixes from artists like Sinnistar,6 Blocc, Adham Shaikh, Pigeon Hole & more.

Mat’s music has been played on Rinse FM by Om Unit,BBC Radio 1 on the B.Traits show, BBC Radio 1 on Diplo & Friends (TWERK & Machinedrum) & he’s had Support from some of his favorite artists like Addison Groove, Chrissy Murderbot, Doshy, 6 Blocc & many more as well as featured on some of the best music blogs such as Mad Decent, Run the Trap, Thump)

Mat’s latest mix was for his favorite DJ software Serato alongside some of the best djs in the industry and before that for Booms & Claps & Thump (Vice Magazine).

His scratches can be heard on tracks by Omar Linx, N.W.D., Fort Knox Five, Ill Gates – Eprom Remix, Mochipet, Sweatshop Union and on Video Games EA Sports NBA Home Court 3.

Mat has many sets he can play depending on the event, and his diverse skills are at home at everything from festivals (playing the latest Bass music) to video mixes, 45” vinyl Sets or digging into specific genre sets or one-off shows like Old School Hip Hop, Funk, Dancehall Reggae, Halloween-themed, 420, and many more.

Really Good Recordings Mats Record Label continues to support underground Canadian Bass Music from upcoming and established artists and has releases set to go for 2017. 2016 saw support via plays and feedback from some of the biggest names like J Kenzo, Om Unit, Sinistarr, The Librarian with multiple plays on Rinse FM London

Mat has also got to perform at many of his bucket list Clubs & events like Fabric London (2 times), Low End Theory (LA), 45 Sessions (Oakland), Wormhole (Oakland)
as well as a bus tour with Zeds Dead across Canada and the US (including shows with Araab Muzik). All received with an amazing response.

He is a resident DJ of Bass Coast music festival & Shambhala Music Festival (2017 marks his 13th year performing at Shambhala).

www.sub.fm features Mat & the Librarian hosting their bi-weekly radio show and playing the latest music from their crates via the longest running pirate internet radio from London UK.

Catch one of Aliens Sets coming up you wont be disappointed!!! Really Good!!!

The 2019 List So Far…

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