Lineup 2019

DJ Krayzkree

Edmonton, AB

DJ krayzkree – based on a nickname earned in his upbringing for taking risks, making bold moves and experimenting with music by blending cultural influences of my mixed Indigenous and European heritage. Recent winner at the 2019 Indigenous Music Awards for best Electronic Dance Music album. DJ krayzkree aka Dallas Arcand (3x world champion Hoop Dancer) have been active in the entertainment / cultural presentation / music and dance world for the past 25 years touring many venues around the world. Now with a new focus of utilizing the popularity of electronic music and Indigenous dance DJ krayzkree is pioneering a new sound with Indigenous artists across the country promoting and glamourizing Indigenous language and teachings within the music. DJ krayzkree as a new artist was inspired by ‘A Tribe Called Red’ music and has a debut release album called “Future Generations” featuring 10 tracks plus a bonus track of our Indigenous style electronic dance music.

The 2019 List So Far…

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