Lineup 2019


Moncton, NB

Started loving music at birth in Oshawa Ontario, started his rave days in Ottawa, that initial introduction to house, electro, dubstep, breaks, jungle and of course DRUM AND BASS was one that rapidly grew and expanded. Moving to the city of Halifax, in 2009, was where the knack for djing took place. Taken to Skool by some veteran’s, the skills and knowledge gained were some of the most crutial steps that could have been taken in his musical adventure.

The infatuation with the music brought KhEv one step closer to gaining knowledge of the art. Traveling across Canada for shows, raves, festivals and parties, the collection of knowledge, music,and tallent started to grow.

With such an absurd amount of musical taste, from metal to classical, soul to hip-hop and all things broken, heavy, phat, and dark, his style has developed in a way that has made the collaboration of everything fresh and exciting for this young, up and coming DJ.

Known for his stretched ears and huge tunes, he has shared the booth with artists such as State of Mind [NZ], NC17 [TO], Kytami, and Phibes [UK] to name a few.

The 2019 List So Far…

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