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Go, Homeboy!

Introducing Go, Homeboy! Known to some on the Canadian east and west coast music scenes as Matt Walls, from Fredericton, N.B., he is a long time supporter, first time contributor. Cutting his teeth as a 16 year old at the very first Evolve Music and Awareness Festival, he was hooked and has been taking in as much music across North America as he could afford to over the last 20 years, biding his time, and is finally ready to throw something in the pot.

Go, Homeboy! combines warm, downtempo beats, with a unique style of clever, tongue-in-cheek, yet heartfelt lyricism, to create his own brand of wordplay based Hip Hop. Delving into his deep, and until lately, mostly useless well of knowledge on all things music, pop culture, and sports related, he writes about what he knows, and is… a maritime jam kid and music nerd who loves to have fun, feel good, and not take life(or himself) too seriously.

Although a deadhead at heart(as evidenced by the frequent references to the Grateful Dead in his lyrics), Hip Hop was his first real love and runs deep in his veins. He was beginning to lose touch with the genre somewhat, but then discovered some new artists, such as Chance The Rapper, Open Mike Eagle, and Noname, among others, who pulled him back in, and challenged his idea of what hip hop lyricism could be. After about a year of quietly compiling his own lyrics, and occasionally sharing them with friends at parties, it became clear some music would be needed. Only knowing a little bit of guitar, he got a brief beginner drum lesson, and with a lot of trial and error, began making beats on his laptop.. Another year later, and with the skilled services of longtime friends Jay Merrill and Stephen Lewis at Marshall Studios in Fredericton, an album began to take shape. After a debut song release and first official set at the Feelsgood Xmas Party, Go, Homeboy! is proud to present his new track, “A Beautiful Thing” featuring Brooke Burns (formerly of Hum & Hollow).

Stay tuned for more song releases leading up to a full album release this summer…

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