Lineup 2019

Fractal Code

Fractal Code is a alien life form that’s here to provide you with forward thinking gangster psy bass beats. Currently residing in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Fractal Code has made a name for himself in the bass community in the Maritimes over the past couple years, both as his former alias, CoolTrainerCody, with his duo group, Glyphic. With a heavy influence from the west coast alien bass, world beats, glitch and psy bass, you can feel the vibe and bass from multiple frequencies of genres at every Fractal Code set.

Last year was the first year Fractal Code was piloting spaceships all over the festival scene, playing at festivals such as, Future Forest, Kollektiv (12+13), Evolve and Folly Fest. 2019 has already brought big things for this east coast alien. His debut EP, Psychotrophic, got released on Kollektiv Audio Archives at the end of February and went off with a bang. Sharing sounds of his everyday life and forming them together to make squishy mid tempo wonky storytelling beats for the dimension traveling soul.

The 2019 List So Far…

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