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Wangled Teb

Kingsclear, NB

Wangled Teb is the darkly eclectic, elemental brainchild of New Brunswick native Indigo Rain Poirier. Calling it electronic-music or pinning it to a specific genre would be a disservice as Poirier’s music travels through styles like it travels through emotions. Elements of breakbeat and jazz organically intertwine and dance with passages of sparse, ethereal atmospheres. Poirier crafts songs that build into an emotional intensity that at times becomes painful, only to deliver you into an awakening state; The long, deep breath after an emotional release.

Poirier’s ability to combine conventional instruments and musicianship with samples, EDM elements, and experimental sounds not only means that these songs are never predictable, but somehow make you feel more intelligent for listening. Like a movie you watch over and over, Wangled Teb rewards the listener with layers within layers that you never noticed during your first experience.
Wangled Teb’s four releases to date show us an artist maturing their craft. While the freshman and sophomore are at times whimsical, the latter shed their sense of naivete. On “Earth” Wangled Teb delivers deeper, darker tracks that inspire visions of warring mountains at the forming of time. “Water” is a lighter release that at times feels like a return to form, remembering a spirit of playfulness that remind us of life’s cyclical nature.

After a break-out 2018, charting nationally, and tour dates all over Canada, Poirier has recently signed with Twofifteen records. Taking a step away from the elements, Wangled Teb released “Seasonal Depression” in March 2019, the first of the year’s two planned releases. The latter half will birth “Air”, the next part to the elemental homage. Working with award-winning engineer Brad Perry and teaming up with The Kalaya String Quartet, “Air” will be Wangled Teb’s most ambitious project to date.

Wangled Teb is a complicated feeling. It’s a memory that both happy and sad. It’s a piece of art that is challenging yet beautiful and in both senses, completely unforgettable.

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