Lineup 2019

Anewbis & Mackie

Westville, Nova Scotia

Anewbis & Mackie are a budding hip hop duo born and raised in Westville, Nova Scotia. The charismatic pair feature intertwining lyrics that captivate audiences and leave a lingering nostalgia following their presence. They redefine what it means to release music with two minds on any one song,creating a perfect balance of yin and yang.

Their energy witnessed on stage is nothing less than magnetizing and with verses demonstrating an influence from the late ’90s and early 2000’s Hip-Hop roots. Every hook leaves crowds hanging on every word. Leading the way in the next surge of dynamic duo’s to blaze trails within hip hop, Anewbis & Mackie have only just begun!

Last year they were seen on festivals such as Future Forest, PeaceEast 420 Fest, YESfest and Hopscotch. They’ve hit the stage opening for Merkules, Ace Hood, Quake Matthews, MadChild, Snak the Ripper and Lil Debbie just to name a few. This year we’re hype for our debut performance during the legendary Evolve festival while celebrating their 20th anniversary!

On top of bookings for numerous festivals and shows, we’ll be releasing tons of fresh material including a collaboration EP and individual solo projects as well as touring through towns and cities far and wide. One of our most notable collaborations to date is the hometown tribute titled “Westvilladalpia” which received 80,000 views overnight and currently sits just under 110,000 views on Facebook.

Make sure to go and follow us on other platforms below to stay up to date with everything else we’ve been brewing to bring our beloved fans and avid music enthusiasts!

The 2019 List So Far…

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