Lineup 2019


Calgary, AB

When whispers of their name first emerged early in 2016, it caught the attention of many. This mysterious duo materialized out of a murky cloud of intrigue, establishing themselves as trendsetters in electronic music.

After a chance meeting, Jeff Willson and Justin MacLean started collaborating on production not knowing what would soon come of it. While both have a long history as solo producers and prolific live solo performers, working in a partnership was something neither had done before. Coming from very different musical backgrounds the two surprisingly found creative inspiration in the studio almost immediately. These two artist eventually shared one ultimate vision with one goal in mind: Create the best and most authentic music possible.

Chuurch’s signature sound, “lean bass”, has captivated audiences with its aggressive yet laid back vibes. It’s a unique mixture of two completely contrasting musical identities which stem from Hip Hop and Bass Music influences. Chuurch has a very uncommon approach to working in the studio by putting a focus on building their music around their live shows, and only playing their own productions in sets. Each track is crafted to fill a unique space as one part of a larger set piece. This approach has not gone unnoticed as the pair have earned coveted slots across Canadian markets including a primetime slot on the acclaimed Pagoda stage at Shambhala. Their 2016 Shambhala set, which became one of the most talked about debuts of the year has lead to proceeding years full of headline club slots, huge festival gigs, and massive acclaim.

Their new sound and selective live appearances have catapulted Chuurch forward leaving on lookers with more questions than answers.

The 2019 List So Far…

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