Lineup 2019

Papa Ya

“The War is Over” declared the General to Comrad Molotov. Promptly, the Communications officer rang in the Nurse and Medic. The small troupe of four emerged from their underground bunker. It had been two years since the original sounds of PAPA YA had been heard by civilian ears. Along the way, there had been casualties, passerbys, and babies born. Still, they persisted, taking the time to hone in on their respective stations. Now they emerge as a united force, bound by a shared passion for roots reggae and all around good times.


Clement Dugas aka The General – Space Guitar, Singer, Songwriter
Marc Theriault aka Comrad Molotov – Big Fat Bass Bombs
Ashley McNally aka Night Nurse – Keys, Harmonies, More Keys
Fred Hetu aka Fred The Med – Drummer, Decorated Hero of the Beat.

The 2019 List So Far…

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