Lineup 2019

Emma Mader

Emma Mader is a young comedian in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and she’s rising quick! She’s known to be a little weird, endearingly awkward, and quite outspoken, both on stage and conversationally. Has tripped on and around the stage over three times. After seeing her standup, and meeting her in person, many have noted “oh, so (she’s) like, actually just like that, huh?”

A regular on the Halifax comedy scene, Emma has also traveled and performed with other talented comedians across the province, and is starting to branch out into the rest of the Maritimes!

Her humour can be a little dark, pretty queer, and very witty. That being said, her standup is broad, and she won’t be pigeonholed! If you have the opportunity to see this gal on stage, don’t miss it!

The 2019 List So Far…

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