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Ibadan, Nigeria

Tojuba Olatunde was born on February 17,1994 in Ibadan, Nigeria, and later moved to Canada with his family at the age of nine.

Growing up, Olatunde was constantly surrounded by the culture of his country, which is known greatly for its vibrant colours and unique fabric prints and patterns. Olatunde remembers spending many summers with his grandparents who have greatly impacted his interest in art.

His grandmother, Florence, was a teacher and a part time seamstress. The beautiful rich colours of the traditional fabrics and their patterns marinated young Olatunde’s young mind to unlimited possibilities. He was also influenced by the work of his grandfather, Joseph, who was a highly competent architect. Every opportunity Olatunde had, he would ask to browse through intricate, complex architecture designs of his grandfather’s. Olatunde began art training after graduating high school in 2012.

Olatunde always had a desire to help young people influence their future by exploring their artistic sides which influenced him to the Bachelor of Education at the University of New Brunswick with the hope of one day becoming a teacher. Taking his studies further, he now studies at New Brunswick College of Arts and Design with the intention of learning the technical skills and principals of art design which he plans to use to support his dreams of helping others while practicing what he loves.

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