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Incendia Motus


Incendia Motus Fire Performers is a direct result of a friendship made between two committed Canadian performers. Kyle Scott and Riley Gilchrist meet as members of the now defunct performance troupe known as the Reek Barrel Fire Crew, named after the bus used to get the many members from gig to gig. Kyle Scott began his fire performing career in 1997, learning safety and performance from the experienced performers in Ash Circle. Riley Gilchrist began his fire performance career under Kyle having experience with audiences as a professional wrestler since his early teens. When the Reek Barrel broke apart these two friends became founding members of Incendia Motus. Incendia comes from the Latin word for Fire and Motus comes from the Greek word for motion. A fitting name for a troupe which offers a balance of big fire and lots of motion to entertain audiences across North America.

The troupe started as the two men became an inseparable team as they busked for a living on the streets of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Committed to performing on the streets every weekend, their skills continued to sharpen. Around this time the two began to train and instruct at Halifax Circus, training largely in partner acrobatics, which became a love of theirs and was quickly added to the fire performing to develop a well-rounded circus and fire show which includes object manipulation, fire eating and breathing and acrobatics. In 2011 Incendia Motus traveled from the East coast of North America to the West coast. During these travels the shows began to grow in scale, the busking soon became small events and parties then continued to grow to include large festivals and cooperate events. After their experiences that summer the troupe became obsessed with improving the show in all aspects. In order to improve they began to focus on production and searched for likeminded performers also committed to the best possible show for the growing audiences. Enter Jasmine Wong and Jeneil Chenny. Jasmine Wong has trained at Cirque-Ability in Toronto, Ontario and also had much stage experience as a professional musician and Jeneil Chenny was selected from Halifax Circus for her energy and previous experience as a fire eater.

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