Lineup 2019

Just Micci

Clare NS > Halifax NS

Just Micci is an indie, antifolk singer-songwriter. Her music focuses on storytelling and has elements of jazz, folk and theatre sprinkled throughout. Growing up in a small Acadian community, in the forest and near the ocean contributed to the themes of nature that are prominent in her music. Love for others, self, nature and growth are other strong reoccurring themes she explores. Just Micci is also a music educator and children’s playwright. She’s written 8 musicals to date. Working with her students over the years is another huge source for her inspiration.

Since moving to Halifax last August, Just Micci has been able to perform her music at the White Rabbit Music Festival and at Praxis Project and is so excited to continue playing at more festivals and to see what the future will bring. She also has just successfully crowd-funded for and completed her first full-length album “Beelonging” in May. She is now planning the tour for the album release.

Just Micci believes that playing music is one of the most beautiful acts of self-love and sharing it makes it that much more magical. She is incredibly grateful for the community of people who have offered love and encouragement throughout her journey as a singer-songwriter and performer.

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