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Dallas Arcand

Alexander (Kipohtakaw) Plains Cree Nation near Edmonton, Alberta

Dallas Arcand is a multi-talented artist who won the world spotlight with his astonishing Hoop Dancing at the 2010 Olympic Games opening ceremonies. Dallas is a three-time World Champion Hoop Dancer from the Alexander (Kipohtakaw) Plains Cree Nation near Edmonton, Alberta. He is best known as a champion Hoop Dancer as well as a motivational speaker, storyteller, and musician.

Dallas, whose Aboriginal name is ‘Dancing Buffalo Man’ (Nimihto Paskwa Mostôs Napew), for many years had no idea that dancing would become a major influence in his life.

Dallas has been a World Class Hoop and Indigenous Dancer for over two decades. His dancing ranges from traditional to contemporary indigenous styles including; Fancy, Grass, Jigging, Break, and Hoop Dancing.

From an early age, Dallas has exercised his artistic talents through Pow-Wow, Hip-Hop, and Métis music. He is strongly influenced by his belief in Aboriginal spirituality and traditional teachings. Dallas also plays Aboriginal acoustic instruments and is best known for native flute.

Dallas Arcand is an accomplished singer, flutist, recording artist, and an in-demand motivational speaker facilitating workshops for Aboriginal people of all ages, speaking on topics ranging from self-awareness to personal motivation. Dallas has worked with young artists on creative writing, personal recording, music, and dance.

A graduate of Mount Royal College with a General Studies Diploma majoring in Behavioural Sciences, Dallas Arcand now delights in sharing his culture through this athletic and creative art form

“The Hoop Dance has made me into an athlete, choreographer, healer, storyteller, craftsman, composer, musician, teacher and a three-time World Hoop Dance Champion.

As a Hoop Dancer, I also needed to learn and know my history and the history and evolution of the dance, the language, and our culture. As a student of this circular lifestyle and the dance for the past 24 years, I have since performed in eight countries, been a featured Artist on the Grandstand Stage at the Calgary Stampede for eight years, featured on the nationally televised “Canada’s Got Talent,” earned my Diploma in Behavioural Sciences, and learned basic Spanish when the dance brought me to Spain for eight months.

I performed at both the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics. What keeps me going are those new experiences and the evolution that my career continues to offer. I understand that this is my purpose and gift. I believe this is what I’ve been put here on this Earth to do. After 24 years in this business, I have been humbly referred to as the Hoop Master. It’s been a worldly, spiritual and educational journey of self-discipline and of guidance through ceremony and practice.”
– Dallas Arcand

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