Lineup 2019

The Bridge Brothers

The Bridge Brothers are a creative powerhouse whose work spans many media and modalities. As artists and educators their work touches on a wide range of subject matter and themes but a central aim of their work is to cultivate a sense of connection to mystery, spirit and the greater world around us. This manifest in their visual art work, installation, ritual theater and musical performances.

Martin has shared his artwork and creation at events throughout the United States and more recently in Canada.  He is a longstanding part of the teaching faculty at CoSM. His passion for Permaculture and Mycology have had a great impact on much of his work. Bridging the realms of science and mysticism, many of his works are opening points to larger conversations as he seeks to inspire and educate as a part of the Visionary Permaculture movement.

Carl is a painter, sculptor, builder and musician with an incredibly diverse array of work from fine art to mask and puppetry to crafting instruments that he then uses in performance. He works with many mythic and symbolic references that leave room for personal experience and interpretation. One of his greatest goals as a creator and performer is to create immersive experiences that leave audiences with a greater sense of wonder and connection in their lives.

The 2019 List So Far…

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