Lineup 2019

The Trifinity


Inside of you lives a creature of light. A creature of limitless potential. The cosmos smiles upon those who embrace this being. The path to ultimate prosperity is through the pyramid of light. Together we can open the pyramid of light to its maximum potential and bring humanity into an era of pure triangular bliss! Throughout time three triangle sages have been reborn many times, in many forms. Their purpose is to strengthen the pyramid, and enhance humanity’s inner light creatures. Alas, there are dark forces afoot as well. Forces that intend to vanquish the pyramid of light. Forces that brood in the darkness. Dark Triangle workers that aim to close the Pyramid of Light, and destroy triangle peace as we know it…The Dark Triangle is strong, but together, WE are stronger! JOIN US and become three with the triangle. JOIN US and enhance your inner light creature. JOIN US and allow every piece of your existence to be blessed by the limitless power of The Trifinity. Bless to you, and bless to The Triangle!

The 2019 List So Far…

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