Lineup 2019


Halifax, Nova Scotia

=^.^= Le meow, Le PURR-veyor of deep, infectious music and a feel-good atmosphere.

I am a Canadian DJ.

I like to mix, mash, write, and produce music under the name of Witch N’ Wizard.

I hi-jack festival stages to keep the people going to a hypnotic energizing experience!

I have been playing different genres of music in various locations such as Menz n’ Mollyz, Pink Flamingos, Taco Pica, the After Dark Club, BOOM, Underground Raves, and hi jacking well known festival stages.

I also run Mighty Open Decks at Menz and Mollyz and give DJ lessons to those that are intereseting in learning how to be a DJ.

I have been featured in the Coast, Queens on Decks with djrundat, and various other live and online venues/shows.

I strive to bring a high intense energetic experience to the audience that will leave a lasting energetic vibe.

(PS. My cat likes to help make my mixes so theres a purrfect addition to the set plus she is an aspiring dj herself.)

The 2019 List So Far…

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