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Charife is one of Atlantic Canada’s most respected and followed DJ/Producers, delivers his unique musical journey with every performance. Call it techno, progressive, melodic, minimal and driving, the pieces of music and the sound tells a story like no other. Creation a are custom to the event, producing a vision, a story if you will, drawing in emotion deep into the music.

His DJ story is unique!!! It goes back to the spring of 1991 when we suffered from a serious car accident near Antigonish, NS. While in hospital, he had a dream playing his electronic dance music on stage as he watched people dancing with his taillights flashing to the beat of the music. The inspiration of seeing everyone enjoying the music, he started pulling together DJ gear and connected with the Secret Music Club in the UK that offered test pressings of the sound that propelled him into the DJ spotlight. His first rave was Jan 1, 1992, where his good friend Joe MacEachern (founder of the Evolve Festival – attended. He had stated in 2011 “if it wasn’t for your musical influence over the years, evolve might not have happened…”

In 2018, released on the internationally acclaimed progressive techno label, Techgnosis Records. His Notations series are gaining momentum with almost 100,000 plays on Soundcloud. People take notice of his musical aspirations. “Music is more than just listening pleasure; it’s an experience, a journey one must venture from all walks of life, pulling deep from within the truth of life, past, present, and future! Music can make one understand who they are and what they wish to achieve.” Through his mixture of hypnotic bass rhythms, progressive overtones and driving beat-driven techno, Charife delivers more than simple track play; he tells a story, so people experience openness and freedom. Charife pulls people in hard and keeps them locked into the sound, letting loose to explore his vision through sound. One of our region’s best DJ/Producers with over 25 years’ experience, and in 2018 he was ranked in the Top 15 Canadian DJs by Charife returns to Evolve to deliver his musical journey… Mark this one down, definitely one act you must take in this year.

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