Lineup 2019

Short For Arthur

Riverview, NB

Short For Arthur began 3 years ago in Riverview, New Brunswick when high school friends/jam mates, bassist Sean Bampton, guitar player Dylan Bingham and vocalist/keyboardist Jordan Best decided to take their monthly living room jams to the next level when they added drummer Steve Dufour into the mix. Two years of regular improv jams passed when the band finally decided to put together some tunes. They hit the stage in June of 2016 and have been playing shows around NB ever since. Their music is a catchy blend of indie-rock woven together with what could be described as heavy jazz on psychedelics. While the band sticks to songs designed to grab your ears and get you grooving, they still bring in their history of improvisational jams to the stage that leave you with an energetic live experience. Short For Arthur will have you swimming in the cosmos, dancing like lightning, raise your hairs like the wind and touch your soul with notes from the ocean’s flow.

The 2019 List So Far…

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