Lineup 2019

Jodie B.

Calgary AB & Kelowna BC

Jodie B is a live looping, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Performing as both a solo artist and as a duo with her sister, Nique Bruce. Her original craft pulls from roots of blues, hip-hop and electronic dance music, drawing inspiration from FKJ, NomBe and DubFx. She performs with her guitar, violin, bass, harmonicas, synths, vocals and electronic drums, while her sister specializes in saxophone, mandolin and harmonizing vocals.

With a strong fan base out of Calgary, Jodie B is also establishing her career and communities in both Kelowna and Toronto. Her mission is to keep live performance and live instruments in the electronic music scene. “Electronic dance rhythms and heavy basslines have always been an important staple in my life; however, I grew up singing and playing various maritime instruments in Newfoundland kitchen parties, so it’s integral to me that I create material influenced by all avenues of my musical background,” says Jodie B.

The early days of her career were spent street performing with her father and sister in downtown Calgary. The value of hard work was established when the money they made would go towards new instruments and lessons. Throughout the girls’ childhood their father had introduced the violin, mandolin, accordion, guitar, bass, trumpet, harmonica, saxophone and piano lessons. They were required to practice multiple times a day, everyday, on each instrument, before any other activity. Today, Jodie B and her sister are very grateful for their strict musical upbringing.

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