Lineup 2012

Beautiful Wild Animals

Montreal, QC

Having rooted their music to the folkloric roots of their instruments, Beautiful Wild Animals takes the sounds of an unknown language and makes them make musical sense through opera like singing. They create emotional and dramatic original tones on the accordion and violin and then include the bass to bring driving rhythms the full sound they deserve.

The Violinist Jacques Mindreau has been known to play this similar kind of music with Krasnogorsk, and has experience in various genres of music. He has played for several years with several artists from around the world. He has played with accordionist Carly Martin for over a year now and they share a great deal of their creative expression. Carly also has several years of musical experience and is an artist all around having created all the artwork for their recent EP. The talented Devin Ryan (bass) is the bassist in Krasnogorsk as well and has played with many other bands including TZE and Mishra’s Dream. Together they make a sound that gets the mind and body dancing.

Beautiful Wild Animals has played at Komasket festival and opened for Buffy St. Marie, toured Canada, played at the Montreal Folk Festival on the Canal, Follyfest, Full Circle and countless other shows in the last year.

They are currently stationed in Montreal and are eager to be returning to where the project started in Nova Scotia.

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