Lineup 2012


Halifax, NS

Halifax based DJ, Pookie a.k.a. Luke Morgan has been causing quite an uproar. His bangin’ track selection and face melting style is fused with heart wrenching vocals and the dirtiest base lines. Cranking out tracks from  genres like hard ELECTRO, DUBSTEP, GLITCH HOP, and DnB shows this artists versatility and ear for music. With never a dull set This  member of the Underdog team has already had the chance to open for Hatiras, BARE NOSIE, and for some of the Maritimes best DJ’s such as Eviction, Nurse, DVD, Byrd, and Dobba. With his fast growing fan base and ever impressing performances, like last years EVOLVE festival, this highly energetic DJ is sure to ignite the dance floor. Put on your bass face people cus Pookie’s gonna get ya!

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