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Edmonton, AB

In 2003 Skog ordered his first set of rekkids and started to learn the Art of Djing, and has not looked back since. Playing under the pseudonym of, Skog.

2005 was a big year for Skog;  He co-founded “PhilterWizards Productions” with Loki a.k.a Dan Connell which brought you New Brunswick’s biggest party of the year “Somatic Response.” Featuring names like (Acucrak, Parallax , Banging Mark and A.R.D ). Since then He has become renowned for his Dirty, Dark and sometimes funky Electro House beats. He is a resident Dj /Promoter for “Broken Coast Productions”,”Damage Control Entertainment”,the Paramount Lounge (Moncton, NB).

Skog was also apart of Both “ParallaxSoundz” & “SynisterSounds” until they were disbanded. He has played all over eastern Canada, and state of Mass,USA.

Skog moved Back to Edmonton in Aug of 2009 and was a resident DJ for the Level 2 lounge Crew playing “Absolute Thursdays” ,along side of DJS- ( System Addict , DJ.NV , Joey Nokturnal , and DJ.Neebz ). Where he has played with Local talent such as Resident funk, Eleven , Lanna -T to name a few. Now he plays where ever and when he can.

Skog is a crowd pleaser / Favorite and has been known to steal the show more then once. He has a following in Moncton, Saint John and Fredericton. Skog has played along side of international names like Freaky Flow , The Phatconductor , J-bass , Dj Irene , Swamp , Veags of Bad Company, Venon , Atomic Babies , Parallax and Funkhouser. As well with likes of Soundsyster, Steve the viking , Cyn L , Phenatik , Tommy Knuckles , Mulligan ,{sic}adelic , Eccentric , Dysklo , New , Dale Manette , Davey b , Jay Hamilton , Deemah , Isis and many others.

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