Lineup 2012

The Belle Comedians

Halifax, NS / Fredericton, NB

The Belle Comedians are the kind of band that takes the stage like they are climbing into your ear and hanging out for while. It’s a comfortable and interesting sensation. Their music aims for impact; songs build and flow, with lush arrangements and emotionally driven vocals, taking you by the hand and sharing with you a story you want to hear. The band blend the heartfelt, intricate songwriting of singer Benjamin Ross with a jangling musical style comprised of elements of folk, alt-country and indie rock.

TBC released their debut, “Without A Sound EP” in the spring of 2011, and its soaring melodies, catchy hooks and distinctly original sound placed the group in contention to be one of the next big bands out of the East Coast. In October 2011 the band put out their second EP, “Autumn Ought To…” to an even greater reception than the first. “Autumn Ought To…” sees the band heading in a more mature, darker direction, while still building on a huge sound that reaches to the rafters and beyond. Setting up base in Fredericton, New Brunswick, the band is quietly but confidently piecing together their debut full length, to be released in early 2013.

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