Lineup 2012

Steve Nurse

Halifax, NS

Steve Nurse has been a staple in the Atlantic Canadian Electronic music scene since 1999, and has been part of the Evolve family for 8 years. After promoting and producing some of Halifax’s largest events, his focus lay towards refining his sound as a DJ. He has played alongside the biggest names in dance music, a seemingly endless list across the spectrum from Tiesto to Farina.

The Nurse has held residencies or played in virtually every venue in the Maritimes. The list is large, from Reflection’s legendary “Bassline” Friday’s (1999-2003) to Newfoundland’s Liquid Ice Nightclub (2001-2004), coupled with appearances at renowned Stereo in Montreal to his long standing residence with Evolve Tribe (2003-2011) and also Underdog Productions (2006-20011). His music has been felt throughout the entire East Coast.

His latest project is the conglomeration of funky, latin driving tech house infused with live elements and vocal sample effects. Produced with his long time turntable counterpart Cam Harding, they integrate with the talents of live congas, saxphones and trumpets, and end up becoming the musical merger known as “The Real Jazz”.

Ever trying to ameliorate his sound, this is how you’ll find Nurse’s new way of rockin’ all dance floors. He will be trying to recapture and build on the magic that was created during his set at last year’s Evolve on the mainstage, if you were there then you know that no explanation is needed. Don’t miss him this year.

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