Lineup 2012


Terre Noire, Cape Breton

Delaney is back for his third performance at Evolve. He turned a lot of heads at last year’s festival with his unplanned, impromptu set while covering for a fellow DJ who ran into some technical difficulties at the last minute. The aftershock of the throbbing techno baselines he unleashed on the crowd are still being felt locally.

With Ryan’s current focus being on school, he’s been keeping a low profile in the DJ scene as of late. However, he has played all over the east coast, and held a weekly residency at Bar Nana in Seoul, South Korea while teaching English overseas.

He’s known for banging out a broad spectrum of styles and genres of electronic music yet still manages to carve out his own unique sound by keeping an emphasis on badass baselines and killer vocals. His sets typically start out funky and progress into darker, more aggressive territory as he brings the dance floor into a mad frenzy. One thing is for certain, you best be ready to get your boogie on!

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