Lineup 2012


Fredericton, NB

Matty Ford is no stranger to the electronic music scene, as founder of Art of Machine Productions and a highly active DJ, this performer has been filling dance floors across the country for the past 7 years. Incorporating heavy sampling, sound manipulation, as well as good old fashion turntablism, Matty has always went above and beyond to bring something new and fresh to the tables each and every time. Being one of, if not the first person to play on 4 turntables at once in his home province of New Brunswick, is just an example of his determination to prove that there is a lot more to this lifestyle than mixing one track into another.

His style is like no other, a is a very versitile performer, never sticking to one style of genre. Ranging from Drum & Bass, to Electro, to Drumstep to Moombah, to Dubstep… All within a single session. This performer has a high reputation for keeping people on their toes, hands in the air, and blood pumping threw their veins.

On top of his musical capabilities, Mattys independant label, Art of Machine Productions, has clearly established itself as the leading electronic music event company in New Brunswick, showcasing artists from across Canada, as well as overseas, on a bi-weekly to monthly basis.

When you see this kid in action, you’ll be well aware that he is a serious contender.

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