Lineup 2012


Halifax, NS

Justincredible, the ultimate founder of Zoo Productions, & no stranger to being musically eclectic and pleasing to the dancefloor people, creates significant mixing from funky house and electro fusions to educated tribal and teched out beats.

Lyra, the independant local DJ, & recently known to make nonstop danceable beats and mixes for the last 4 years and going, brings sounds of dark chuggy basslines of techno, and sexy moody tech to each of her mixes.

Both formed a love for all things tech, thus the creation of Tektric was born. Hailing from Halifax Nova Scotia, Tektric has boomed into the Maritime electronic music scene playing for dedicated crowds, working with promoters like, and Zoo Productions, and has stood alongside many great local djs and producers all throughout the Maritime provinces. Tektric brings a new edge to tech house and techno, for the classic, eclectic and refined music and dance lovers, a satisfying dance guaranteed!

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