Lineup 2010

Andrew White

Halifax, NS

Andrew started his career busking on the streets of Auckland, New Zealand, and began his meteoric rise. In 1984, he re-leased his first album, Conversations, and was immediately signed by the new-age label Narada Records in the US. Narada then released Islands, an instrumental collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist David Arkenstone, which reached the top 30 on the US Billboard Charts.

Following a live broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland, he was signed by UK label Linn Records and recorded Guitarra Celtica, a stunning instrumental album featuring 16 hauntingly beauti-ful original tracks. This was quickly followed with Pray For Rain, Andrew’s first vocal album released on the independent Scottish label Vertical Records.

In January of 2005, he released Andrew White – Live, recorded by CBC Radio Canada, broadcast to over 2-million people, and was nominated for a Canadian East Coast Music Award.

Over 1-million albums comprising of Andrew’s compositions have been sold worldwide.

Andrew’s finger-style guitar work is technically brilliant yet possesses a highly melodic structure. He is one of the few who combines international class guitar playing with skillfully crafted and beautiful songs. A humble and gifted musician, Andrew’s music will take you on a spiritual journey over the mountains of his soul and rivers through it.

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