Lineup 2010

Brian Talbot

Sydney, NS

Most people know Brian as Slowcoaster’s drummer, or have seen him holding it down with artists such as The Rankins, Jimmy Rankin, and Gordie Sampson. It turns out that he is also a busy producer and remix artist, and loves nothing more than moving a dancefloor with a pair of turntables and some crusty old records.

Brian was first exposed to early Electro by his father in the 80’s, and rediscovered his love for dance music in the 90’s through artists such as Plug, Underworld, and Daft Punk.

In spring of 2001, he bit the bullet, bought his 1200’s, and two weeks later was onstage mashing up Kraftwerk with Bob Sinclar and Bel Amour at a friend’s wedding. The next task was to keep the Sydney locals entertained in between the bigger Halifax parties with special club nights dedicated to underground music; a practice still alive today. When time permits, he can be found making random appearances in the ‘Nish, Halifax, and probably your basement.

His sound is rooted deeply in the tones of classic French house, partnered with the attitude and simplicity found on those old electro cassettes. Brian always puts the dancefloor first, and strives to bring something fresh to the table, whether it’s something new, or perhaps forgotten. Whatever the case: wear something comfortable.

Brian returns to the festival this summer with a bucket of new compositions and remixes in tow, and promises that freak lightning storms will not stop him from performing this time around. The Hulacopter shall protect us all.

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