Lineup 2010

The Analog Gangster and His Fly Girls

Halifax, NS

Remember when the DJ used to play records? REAL RECORDS! You know the ones that actually have songs etched into the grooves of the shiny pressed vinyl.   Ooohh that sound, that beautiful, rich, ANOLOG sound it can only come from a record.   We do!

We remember  wonderful  days when the DJ would flip through a create of wax to pick the next song, take the vinyl out of the sleeve and put it on the turntable, drop the needle and we would listen to the Bass thump.  Sadly this has become a dying art. Today, with computers and gizmos all hooked to the mixing board, most DJ’s spend their time staring at a laptop screen, moving files around.  This is NOT what you will see from The ANALOG GANGSTER and His FLY GIRLS!

Instead, prepare to see costumes, beautiful ladies dancing, the Analog Gangster cracking open his create of wax ( Yes, actual old school records!!) and setting the fields ablaze with barn burning, dance floor classic, house music.  You don’t want to miss this event. Those of you who know Tommy, Know he and his entourage of beautiful FLY GIRLS, don’t show up to a party to do anything less than tear it up, set fire to it and tear it down.

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