Lineup 2010

Johnny Sleep Dep

Antigonish, Nova Scotia

You know when you’re out dancing to a really great set, and you completely lose track of time, of your sense of self even? You suddenly come to the realization that you’ve been dancing for an hour straight without thinking at all, like a marionette, animated by some greater force, at one with the music, the crowd, the universe?

That’s what it’s all about for Johnny Sleep Dep. His goal as a dj/person is to induce a sort of mass psychosis, synchronizing the dancers’ brain waves with the pulsing beat and electrifying synth melodies, dissolving ego and thought away, to reveal the primal state of immediate existence in the ever-fleeting present moment. That’s why you go out dancing, isn’t it? To forget about work and school and all the other bullshit in your life for a little while and just enjoy being?

Johnny Sleep Dep doesn’t really think that you care about how many years that he’s been spinning or how far he’s travelled or what residencies he’s held or what superstars he’s shared bills with. He doesn’t even think you care what his real name is. But he really hopes that you care about the fact that nothing would make him happier than bombarding your temporal lobes with his infamous signature blend of electro, house, techno, breakbeat and progessive sounds, making you lose yourself and dance like a machine.

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