Lineup 2010

Steven MacDougall

Halifax, NS

Steven MacDougall has been a prolific singer song writer since the age of 15. In 1999 Steven formed the band “Slowcoaster” which has gone on to national critical aclaim with a feirce and loyal following. In 2005 MacDougall completed his first solo acoustic record titled,”Spanish Bay”, the title track of this album took second place in the national songwriting compition in 2005. Another track from the “spanish Bay”record “Black Guitar” placed 5th in the international song compition the following year.

Steven has preformed solo acoustic with such artists as, Gordie Sampson, Bruce Guthro, J.P. Cormier, Lennie Gallant, Rita McNeil, Matt Mayz, Ron Hiens. In 2005 Steven also began co writing with Gordie Sampson for Sampsons album “Sunburn” netting 2 Co writes on that record. In 2007 Steven began making writing trips to Nashville again co writing for Gordie Sampsons record “For the few and Far between”, resulting in 4 co writes on that record and the beginings of a love affair with Nashville resulting in over 75 songs written in Nashville in the last year alone. Steven is now in the process of recording his second full length solo record due out in the summer of 2009 consisting of songs written with an impressive list of Nashville and Canadian songsmiths.

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