Lineup 2010


Halifax, NS

Moldylox AKA Tristan Greer was introduced to the scene in the late 90’s. He started out as a water boy for Slip Disc productions and was doing it just for the money…and soon became captivated with funky house music and uplifting trance. After years of “raving”, clubbing and experimenting with a lowend keyboard, mixer and discmen, he decided to fork over the cash to get some actual gear and ammo. Soon the hypnotic call of his vile mistress came to him…this being drum&bass…

Thanks to countless hours in his bedroom and with the help of the Break Beat Elite, Gravity Promo Group and Peace Productions, Moldylox broke into the world in 2005 with his drilling basslines and jagged drumbeats that cut with an edge that is not to be missed… Now this eager junglist soldier is starving to mature into one of Halifax’s most sought after drum&bass DJS…

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