Lineup 2010

Disco Rockin Llamas

Charlottetown, PEI

“Open and extended sections in their songs, keeping things free and fun, and allowing listeners to lose themselves in the music” – Jaclyn Killins, The Buzz.  These sentiments sum up Charlottetown’s eclectic jam band, Disco Rockin Llamas.  Constantly building on the strength of their exciting live shows and versatile sound, DRL displays catchy riffs, group improvisation, and captivating songwriting at its core.  These attributes have garnered the band a reputation with their fans as being a group that will put the people on the dance floor and keep them there.

DRL started to take shape in December 2007 when bassist Eric Coffin and guitarist Ashley Gorman hooked up with the soulful keyboardist Laura Oakie and rock steady drummer Scott Doyle.  The quartet immediately clicked, and began writing songs that they knew would make people want to dance.  The group has crafted their sound to a point where they feel not only is the music working, but filling a void in Charlottetown’s once prolific jam band scene.

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