Lineup 2010

Lullabye Arkestra

Lullabye Arkestra is Kat Taylor-Small and Justin Small. Brought together by love, they are bound by and to the music. It’s music by lovers, for fighters. When Kat picks up her bass and Justin gets behind the drums, the result is dirty, swaggering rock ‘n’ roll. Formed in 2001, Lullabye Arkestra has always had the heart, soul and sweat of Kat and Justin at its core. While past incarnations have found up to a dozen people adding to the sound, today the Arkestra is stripped down, back to the core. This is a duo who knows when to scream, when to pummel, and, at the perfect moment, when to let the vulnerabilities show. After self-releasing a hand-made CDR-EP called Bzaster in 2001, Lullabye Arkestra’s first official album, Ampgrave (2006), was released on Constellation Records. Since then, they’ve torn up stages in North America and Europe. Now, after signing to VICE Records, they are unveiling their latest album, Threats/Worship.

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