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Ottawa, ON

With his musical roots originating in Ottawa in the late 90’s, close friends DJ Balu, and Jamez had a profound effect on Jamie when he heard them perform. Not long after that he began to study the craft of the DJ and develop his own unique sound. Upon his return to Halifax he paid close attention to the local boys who were causing quite a stir in those days of the giant raves and all-night dance parties. FunkDub, Sonny D, Cam, and Sean Keating all had an enormous effect on Jamie’s musical direction.  His attraction to techno, funky house, and breaks developed into a style that feels like techno, sounds like house, and makes dancefloors swell from the moment he takes the stage to his final track. Never ad-hearing to the statusquo, Byrd keeps his own council on what is “quality music” and what is not. His sets are full of underground, hard to find tracks that require an intelligent ear and an educated listener to fully appreciate. And his signature long, tight mixes run flawlessly for what seems like eternity.

“My sets are essentially one, long, rhythmic 3 hour song, relentlessly pushing the energy higher and higher, turning the dance floor into a frenzy of bouncing, sweating bodies.”

Our Big-Man is now one of the most sought-after DJ’s in Atlantic Canada, gigging steadily all over Halifax, Moncton, and Saint John, with residencies at Reflections Cabaret where he runs his own sexy house music affair “Housework”, at Mosaic where he is a BCN Saturday Night resident, and The Armview Restaurant where Byrd gets to flex his sensitive side, playing jazzy drum and bass, downbeats, old school funk and soul, and basically anything that will make even the cat chillax.

Byrd is our man, and yes, you better call him “MISTER”.

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