Lineup 2010


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Man, this guy. Dude is just chilling. You could be like “Kyle, what if nobody comes to our party? Shit.” and he’d just go “No worries, broham. Let’s have some of this bread I found” and that would be the end of it.

Other things worth noting about KDZ:

  • Breakout Champion 2010 (Club 1668)
  • Rocked shows with the likes of Rich Aucoin, That1Guy, Myagi, Freedom Danish, Aaron Collier, Harmsworth, Tupperware Remix Party, Moldylox, The First Aid Kit, Garburator, Eviction, takeAbath, DJ Slam, GTMO, Lunchbox, Delicious Mike, Sic, Cogswell C and The Bad Bad Bad!
  • EvoLove

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