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Haunted Hearts

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Haunted Hearts is based in Charlottetown, PE and consists of Dennis Ellsworth, Johnny Ross, Blu Gillis, and Mike MacDougall. The band has a familiar sound, but maintains a fresh take on a wide variety of styles. On Thank You Goodnight, Haunted Hearts takes a crack at folk, country, roots-rock, honky-tonk, and even jazz.

On Valentine’s Day weekend, 2009, Haunted Hearts set up to record at Mike MacDougall’s house on Beach St. The band agreed on recording live off the floor, with very minimal overdubs. Adam Gallant, who shares production credits with the Hearts on Thank You, Goodnight, was crucial in achieving this sound. The recordings are raw and they showcase the chemistry of the Hearts perfectly. The songs are fun, sad, introspective, well crafted and performed in a tight but loose swaggering fashion. There are love songs, break up songs, songs about clear cutting forests, overcoming depression, taking acid, and getting GST Cheques. Meaghan Blanchard, Laura Oakie and Thomas Webb all guest on the album.

Thank You, Goodnight was released July 25th, 2009. Haunted Hearts won best Alternative Recording and New Artist of the Year at Music PEI Awards 2010, and were nominated for Rising Star award at the East Coast Music Awards 2010 in Sydney, NS. Though they didn’t win the Rising Star award, their performances garnered a lot of buzz. Touring and the release of a new album in September 2010 are both scheduled. Haunted Hearts are alive and well.

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