Lineup: 2010


Calgary, AB

Eclectic is one of the few words you can use to define Bernto’s style. His tastes span a broad spectrum that includes elements of house, breaks, mashup, techno, electro and progressive, appreciating the deep, the melodic and the groovy as well as the tough, the dirty and the ravenously destructive. Fusing the best of the various bunches with a keen sense for reading dancefloors and building excitement, he forges a musical experience that’s permeated with incontrovertible fun.

In the seven years since he took up djing, Bernto’s contagious enthusiasm has won the ears and feet of revellers from east to west. Beginning his career in Nova Scotia, he developed a reputation for consistently delivering top shelf selections from across the gamut, mixed with finesse and artful programming. Playing bars, clubs and festivals across the Maritimes, he has shared stages with the likes of Mark Farina, A Skillz, The Phat Conductor/ill.Gates, DJ Heather, Christian Smith, MO7s, DJ Falcon & Myagi, and he has rocked crowds as well as any of them himself.  Career highlights to date include opening for Meat Katie at Halifax’s infamous Reflections Cabaret in 2006, warming things up for Lee Coombs in 2009 and destroying the dj stage at the 2009 Evolve Festival at the peak of Friday night.

Now based out of Calgary, Bernto continues to refine his art, to scour the new releases, and to assist grateful dancefloors in getting their groove on. The West will learn what the East has known for years: that his taste and his skills, but especially his sincere passion for music and his irrepressible drive to share it with others, guarantee a Bernto set to be a good time.

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