Lineup: 2010

Hands Of A Hummingbird

St. George, NB

Hands of a Hummingbird [HoaH] may have been born in the summer of 2010, but these guys have been playing together their entire lives. All members have at one time been important parts of The Ideal Gas Law (2006-09). Having grown tired of the direction they were headed in their previous projects, they decided to form a band that tastefully combined all of their influences into one new and improved sound.

Genres are used too loosely in the music world today. Whether it is Rock, Pop, or Electronic music, many bands become falsely labelled. HoaH derives their sound from all of the above, some of the below, and most of the in between. They combine several aspects of music into a refreshing new mix of Alternative Rock, with the potential to turn their set on a dime and deliver an electronic bouquet of spatial darkness. As day turns to night, as does the sound of this young refurbished group of imbeciles.

Formerly known as The Ideal Gas Law, the band has had a lot of exposure and experience playing shows in the East Coast of Canada, and has shared the stage with several amazing talents from across the Country, such as ‘Slowcoaster’, ‘JSB’, ‘Dr.Dfunkt’, ‘We Are Radio’, ‘Blue Quarter’, ‘King Sunshine’, & ‘The Wassabi Collective’. They were also lucky enough to play with many great bands from all over the globe, including ‘Garaj Mahal’ [California], ‘Blue King Brown’ [Australia], & ‘Chin Chin’ [New York]. They also performed at the Charlotte County Cooker Music Festival in 2007, as well as the Sunseeker’s Ball Music Festival in 2008 and 2009.

“A sound with no classification is a sound with unlimited potential & opinion. Their sound is an expression, felt by those who listen and open themselves up to the beat of their emotions.”  – HERE NB

Fresh, new, and full of energy, Hands of a Hummingbird is here. See ya this summer, 2010. Enjoy.

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