Lineup: 2010


New Brunswick, Canada

Over the last decade, Soundsyster has cultivated a reputation for awakening even the most critical-ears who are searching for something more than your average deep and techy beats. This constant buzz that ignited many moons ago remains the livewire of Soundsyster.

She has kept late night groovers movin’ at some of the top party places in Canada such as Parking NightClub (Montreal), Comfort Zone (Toronto), Stereo Bar (Montreal), Circus Afterhours (Montreal), Cube Afterhours (Now Terminal, Quebec City), Reflections (Halifax), Liquid Ice Afterhours (St. John’s), Afterdark Afterhours (Fredericton), Nitro Afterhours (Saint John), Desire (Winnipeg), as well as Bump in Boston. She is also featured annually at “Evolve”, Canada’s Largest Summer Green Festival. She has shared the stage with many world-class dj’s and producers such as: Chris Duckenfield (Swag), Mark Farina, East Coast Boogiemen, Colette, DJ Dayhota, DJ Heather, Bald & Beautiful, Sneak, DJ Dan, BadBoyBill, Paul Edge, Paranoid Jack, Steve Smooth, Randy Deshaies, Mike Walsh, Doc Martin, Charles Poulin, Simply Jeff, Rennie Pilgrim, K-OS, The Sound Republic, Donald Glaude, Robb G, Myagi, Sydney Blu, MO7S, Anthony Atalla, … and more.

Since the eighties, Soundsyster has been firmly rooted in underground electronic music; pushing and moving it forward. She founded the Ultrasound Collective, and is a member of the Evolve Tribe and Future Productions. From this multi-faceted music purveyor, expect an auditory experience that blurs the boundaries of ‘genres’ keeping the music free to move through a hybrid of sounds and musical notions that keep audiences enjoyed. She says, “It’s the soul music of techno… I have often described it as ‘Soultek’ or ‘bumptek’…. mostly house, techno and some electro. All of the styles I love have beautifully merged together, making it a techno-hybrid.”

Her craze for next-level music fuels many ‘firsts’ in Atlantic Canada’s older-than-you-think, fine-n-mighty scene. Like a good film leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat, Soundsyster captivates her audiences with her DJ sets.

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