Lineup: 2010


Antigonish, NS

GT FCKD, the newest generation of the Antigonish bred jockeys, are about to set a fire underneath the asses of the local electronic music scene. This fire is caused by the interweaving of electro house, mash-up style mixes, and the type of energy that can only be blamed on the hubris of youth.

The trio, consisting of DJs; A.Mac, Chairman Lao, and Bilbo Banginz, have been gaining momentum by successful showings at DJ competitions in Halifax, as well as a well received live broadcast on Bass Rebel Radio, hosted by local DJ legend DJ DVD. Nowadays, you can catch GT FCKD throwing down with the Wickedbad crew and other locals around the city, and probably your house party.

The time has come for the young guns to stand up and take the torch. Something exciting is about to happen in Halifax, in the form of 4×4 drums accompanied by explosive electro basslines. Prep your bass-face. This could get ugly.

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