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Cape Breton, NS

On the strength of their refreshing and versatile sound and intoxicatingly energetic live show, Cape Breton’s Slowcoaster have become one of the most popular jam rock bands in Canada. The members’ superior musicianship enables the trio to hammer out their own brand of high energy, guitar based rock that incorporates touches of hip-hop, jazz, reggae and Afro-Cuban grooves. Guitarist / vocalist Steven MacDougall’s stellar song writing skills and evocative vocals add a defining soulful texture absent in much of today’s rock music.

Slowcoaster started to take shape in November 1999 when MacDougall hooked up with bassist Mike LeLievre. MacDougall brought with him a lifetime of tales which came alive in his songs. LeLievre’s innovative grooves complement MacDougall’s guitar work and vocals, weaving complex counterpoint melodies. Accomplished drummer Brian Talbot adds a well-considered back beat to an already rich sound. The result is an honestly written yet danceable, sing-alongable, affecting, noir-ish collection of music that is as ‘tight as a whip’ while still accented by bursts of off the cuff humor.

The past six years have seen Slowcoaster perform over 700 shows throughout Canada and be rewarded for their tireless touring with Music Nova Scotia’s Alternative Group of the Year award in 2005 and the East Coast Music Association’s Alternative Recording of the Year prize in 2006. In 2004 the band’s music was featured in the Bravo! documentary Air Guitar in Oulu, while singer MacDougall placed second in the 16th annual National Songwriting Contest.

The band has just finished recording its third full length album, ‘Future Radio,’ released in July(07). This recording is the most polished and refined collection that the band has ever produced. Honed over many months of live shows and tightened up even further over 10 weeks in the studio, the arrangements feature horns and vocal harmonies that fill out an otherwise raw guitar sound. The vibe of the album ranges from “Leaves” soothing finger picking to the hyperactive ska inspired “Rasta Flag”. Longtime followers will be quick to recommend this album to their music loving friends who will finally realize what the fuss has been about all along.

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