Lineup: 2010

Freedom Danish and The Root Sellers

The Root Sellers’ music is friendly to their audience’s intellect and their dancing feet. Over the past 8 years Root Sellers have been active in the urban music scenes across Canada, performing at numerous festivals and events across the country.  This year has seen incredible success for the group as they finish up their second full length album after recording with some of Canada’s best musicians and rocking a packed 60,000 person crowd at BC Place for Olympic and Paralympic 2010 galas.  Dj Nemo and Freedom Danish are both artists and partner’s in Pop and Lock Records, a Canadian label dedicated to showcasing the best of breakbeats and bass music, and have had several rave international reviews on tracks like “Rock One” and “Simmer” (Both w/ Myagi), “Snake Bite”, and “Kecak” since they rocked Evolve Festival hard last year.

The Root Sellers create an energetic and stimulating atmosphere combining real-time electronic sequencing, hip hop vocals and instrumental performance in live settings. Positive social messages are central in their music and performance.

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