Lineup: 2010

Tupperware Remix Party

Halifax, NS

Funkocalypse now.

Tupper Ware Remix Party is an extra-dimensional quartet that has crash-landed in Halifax. Resolute in their quest to rid the universe of evil, they are ever-grooving. With their towering sonic wall of electronica-infused dance-rock, they may be humankind’s only hope of salvation from boredom.

Get to know Tupper Ware Remix Party:

Doctor Sung
Early in his existence, Doctor Sung’s parents died of sadness. Wrought with loss and bitter anger, Doctor swore he would find the cure for all sadness and misery, and rid the universe of it forever. Ceaselessly, Doctor toiled in his fifth-dimensional lab; distilling time, volatilizing thoughts, and depurating matter, he discovered no cure for pain. After millennia, almost ready to give up his search for the invention to end all woe, he stumbled upon what he had searched for all his life – groove. Through rarefying sound molecules and quantuminating certain sonic frequencies to pleasurable levels, he found he could trigger the subconscious minds’ synaptical nodes to emit feelings of complete euphoria. The side-effects of this euphoric state manifested themselves physically through the gyration of hips, the thrusting of pelvises, and the bobbing of heads – Doctor later conceived the word “dancing” to describe the physical reactions of groove. And so through spreading groove, Doctor Sung set out to end sadness and despair across all space and time. With the rest of existence living in complete harmony, Doctor arrived with his colleagues at the last destination where fear, hatred, and pain still reigned – the first dimension, the home of the remote planet Earth.

Havve Hogan
The eccentric air tyrant of East Asia, Havve Hogan, lived his mortal life among the clouds. Being both the inventor and pilot of the spanner gastro-influx device, known as the “Space Minirigible” (The first, and very tiny, personal interplanetary dirigible), Havve intended to use it for the good of mankind. This is however, before misfortune cast its cruel shadow upon his destiny. During his third test run, his Zeppelin caught fire and plummeted to the unforgiving surface of the Earth. Surviving, but suffering brutal 273rd degree burns to his face, the disfigured inventor was cast out by the ignorant public of his time. His creation was never recognized, and he lived for many years as a bitter and secluded man. When he resurfaced, he came for the eye and tooth of all who disregarded him. Slowly razing entire villages from high above the surface, Havve hurled bombs from his tiny zeppelin with a cruelty never seen before. Children, women, and men all suffered equally as this hateful monster wiped out village after village. His anger grew uncontrollable, his thirst for destruction became intolerable, and he slipped into a madness of impossible proportions. A madness so powerful, that his mind imploded, and became a dastardly intra-universe wormhole. A sinister tunnel of excessive violence, that drove him straight into the fifth dimension. It is here that he met Doctor Sung. It is here that he learned the error of his ways. It is here that he was reborn. Havve Hogan, no longer the air tyrant, was taught the secret to happiness: groove. Through an anti-cruelty mask built by Doctor, and the consumption of liquid technology, Havve regained his conscience and his soul. He joined Doctor Sung in his quest to end despair.

Stone La Chismo
In dimensions beyond there are no separate words for “love” and “groove”, nor a clear distinction between “light” and “funk”. Stone makes love to the masses because he grooves. That is his purpose. Little is known of his past life due to a speech impediment caused by the inability of his vocal chords to adjust to the atmosphere of this dimension (How can you creatures breathe with all this oxygen in the air?). Some leading physicists say his basslines are derived from erroneous Quantum mechanic equations such as vector space calculations of probable outcomes and discrepancies in the theory of wave-particle duality. Other scientists argue that his basslines are not basslines at all, but instead a complex mathematical language that when decoded will provide blueprints for a cold fusion reactor. His mantra is simple. Where once there was darkness, there will be funk. Where once there was hate, there shall be groove. Amidst a cacophony of otherworldly melody and manic, infectious rythym, the being known only as Stone: funk incarnate marches the love machine that is Tupper Ware Remix Party forward. With a towering wall of bass he seeks to solidify his role in this dimension as a harbinger of peace and prosperity.

The Great Bombus
The bombus was not always the Bombus that you see before you. The story of the bombus begins with an errant speck of red paint in the bottom left corner of the rightmost triptych of Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Last Judgement. From here, he observed the sadness and horror of humanity and felt nothing but love for this race of misguided creatures. But love was not possible for the bombus. If his love were to become carnal, his slender frame would not survive; love would literally tear him apart. and so he waited… like the wind.

Many centuries would pass. One night while brooding in his self imposed oil-on-canvas prison in the Akademie der bildenden, there was a great flash of light. When the green mist cleared, the bombus was confronted by a strange orange conical ooze that emerged slowly from the floor and transformed into a figure. This figure was the entity known as Doctor Sung. Sung studied the bombus’s condition and constructed a vessel through which the bombus was able to channel his overwhelming love and share it with the universe. This invention is now known as a “guitar”. With a new purpose by Sung’s side, the bombus underwent an incredible metamorphosis. He took his place among the pantheon of funk. He is now… The Great Bombus.

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